Deathdate.vip is an online death tool that helps users to predict their death date. Besides, it does not claim or hold any responsibility for the exact prediction of your death date.

However, this death calculator uses your personal information to find out your exact life expectancy. The death meter analysis your private data to create a report about your life based on your profile reading.

But there are no chances to claim it 100% true, and we do not provide any surety about the actual report or reading. It is completely on you whether you want to believe it or not. Also, users are liable to perform their death calculation completely at their own risk.

The personal data shared by you on our site are not misused. Also, we take complete care of your privacy but make sure you do this calculation using the death meter for fun purposes only and not for any serious concern.

Instead, you can also take this death prediction as a way to improve your way of living along with your eating habits.

Please be certain about our site that we do not take guarantee of any prediction revealed here. Apart from this, we may use some cookies from our site but do not disclose them to anyone for sure.

Any error or mistake caused on our website is not our responsibility as our AI completely does the calculations, and we do not assume it to be always true.

Prediction Facts

Deathdate.vip predictions are made using the personal information you share with us on the death form provided to you on our site.

All the calculations are done using our advanced technology that determines your last day on earth. Also, the BMI meter helps our AI to find out your exact health condition on which the exact death predictions are made.

The death calculation is made based on your date of birth, current city, type of work, eating habits, alcoholic nature, whether you are a chain smoker or a drug addict, environment, country, medications, BMI, etc.

Our AI uses your data to reveal your exact death date. However, there is not always 100% surety about the prediction made. It depends on you if whether you want to believe it or not. We do not claim it true for sure. And neither we encourage you to believe it. You can use this death calculator for fun purposes with your friends or even check your current health status.